JAM 128
In Jam 128 I'm going to try an added Stan Lee's head to Modok.
Using a lot of foil on this one. The basic shape of the body.
Added wire for the limbs and started building up the body.
Get legs. Still have to work on the knee caps.
Ready to cook
Started working on the head
I'm trying to make his glasses using wire with Magic Sculpt. The plan is to get the basic shape then sand it down. I'm
just seeing the band on the head needs to be adjusted on the left side.
Added the head band and the control stick in the left hand. Have to work on the legs and start building the base.
Working on trimming down the glasses.
I built up the elbow & knees, made the head band part of the body and worked on the glasses a little. Also glued up  
wood for the base.
The base is made of Magic Sculpt and pretty much ends this project.
I added clear plastic to the glasses.
Thanks for stopping by. 8)